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With a lack of Minority providers available, many people may feel a lack of connection and ultimately withdraw from counseling prematurely. Cultural competence is not simply a recommendation when it comes to counseling - it is a requirement for creating a healthy healing environment. It is well documented that a shared cultural experience and/or cultural competence is key to a successful therapy experience and reduces the likelihood of patients dropping out prematurely (1). Culture is more than just the influence of race, ethnicity, or nationality. It takes into account such aspects as economic background, education level, spirituality, gender identity, sexual orientation, language barriers, physical health status and much more. These factors go beyond the initial consultation with your therapist as they are incorporated into the assessment to help address individualized concerns and in order to create mental clarity.

Research shows that minorities and African Americans specifically underutilize mental health services. Minority groups are more likely to suffer negative side effects from inadequate treatment or misdiagnosis, and falsely believe they have little access to support. Start Saying More is dedicated to dismantling these beliefs by providing resources and support for the mental health of African Americans in the form of articles, podcasts, a directory of Black therapists, and access to community forums. Everyone deserves the right to quality mental healthcare, and we’re here to help individuals of color start saying more.


Sometimes the hardest part of seeking counseling is finding the right therapist. Our goal is to improve accessibility and efficacy of mental health care by eliminating the search process and reducing the likelihood of switching therapists or giving up on therapy. We want to help you get rid of the grunt work that comes with searching for a therapist! That is where we come in. At Start Saying More, we will match you with a therapist who has the personality and experience you are looking for, so that you can begin your counseling journey more easily. We don't want a difficult process or bad experience to deter you from taking care of your mental health needs, so we are here to help make it easier for you to start and more likely for you to stay.

  1. Nami,

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” 
- Maya Angelou 

 Who are we?

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Olamide Afolabi


Start Saying More was founded by Olamide Afolabi, a Nigerian American who has made it her mission in life to get as many people as she can into therapy. She holds the strong belief that the ability to unlearn and relearn how to properly process experiences is one of the first things that poise us for success.


As a person who has also utilized therapy at different points of her life, she knows firsthand how the experience completely shifts once a person has the right therapist. In the past, Olamide had worked with some non-Black mental health providers who simply did not create a comfortable and trusting atmosphere. Due to this, she would half-heartedly attend sessions until she would stop going completely. Each time, it would take years before she put in the effort to find a new therapist. It wasn’t until Olamide found a Black woman therapist with similar personality traits, values, and experiences that she felt fully supported enough to explore herself and do the self work necessary to be a better human, all around.


The story of having a difficult time connecting with a mental health provider is not new or uncommon. Understanding this, Olamide is devoted to providing methods to not only get more Black and minority people into therapy, but to retain them as well.

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